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Jill Hill - Barrister


The photographs on Jill's letterhead and website were all taken on the Camino de Santiago, the 1000 year old footpath that traverses northern Spain, from the French Pyrenees to Finisterre in north-west Galicia.

The path is known to have been used by pre-Christian traders in tin and metals who followed the stars of the Milky Way to the west, by the Romans whose roads still form part of the Camino, and since the 10th century by Christian pilgrims who believe that St James the Apostle is buried in Santiago de Compostella.

Jill first walked the 800 kilometre Camino in 2001, and has walked it twice more since. She believes that to walk the Camino is an empowering and beautiful experience and she has fallen in love with that little piece of the earth.

And, she has albums full of photos to share ...

Jill walking, big sky

Punta la Reina pilgrims bridge

Clogs used in Galicia

Stone cairn built by pilgrims